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Sports Therapy Treatments...

sports massage


A deeper form of hands-on treatment for the active person and although termed 'sports massage' this treatment does not preclude those who are active at work, home, in the garden or have stressful lives. The treatment may consist of various forms of massage techniques coupled with fascia, trigger point compression or electro-neuro muscular techniques. These, along with targeted stretching, are aimed at reducing soreness and improving flexibility which in turn promotes greater power and endurance.

remedial massage


 A hands-on massage treatment for muscles, tendons and ligaments that can help to relieve pain and increase joint mobilisation. It is generally a more gentle form of treatment than some other techniques and is therefore considered to be suitable for the young, elderly and those with conditions that require a more sympathetic approach.

injury treatment & rehabilitation


 From twisted ankles to post-surgery treatment following knee replacements, appropriate techniques specifically tailored to your needs will be utilised in order to reduce pain and allow you to more quickly reach your optimal performance. Bio-mechanics and postural analysis may also be used as a preventative measure to help avoid recurring injury.

running coaching


 One-to-one sessions for the new or experienced runner designed to make running a more comfortable and therefore pleasurable experience. Helping you to develop an efficient running style, will reduce the risk of running related injury and will improve performance whether speed or endurance is your aim.